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Quantum Consulting Services


The Value of QCS

If you are serious about implementing a BPM solution, but having a difficult time figuring out where to begin, or you are already on your BPM journey and need help crossing the finish line, Quantum Consulting Services can help. QCS is Quavo’s division of specialists dedicated to making your Pega build successful. QCS offers deep industry expertise and a unique style of recruiting and educating BPM specialists.  QCS is structured to understand your company’s needs, consult with you on solutions, and implement software with a higher quality than anyone else in the industry. All of this while keeping your costs down.  Quavo’s leadership team has a history of identifying strong talent and turning that talent into the best Pega teams in the business.

Understanding Your Business

Quavo’s expertise is built on decades of work in both operations and technology.  This combination of experience gives Quavo a unique perspective to understand your specific situation. We will listen to you and help identify business opportunities that will make your company more efficient and effective.

Our team of Business Architects and Sr. Consultants are ready to assist with:

  • Increasing customer satisfaction
  • Reducing expenses
  • Growing revenue
  • Managing to compliance and policy standards
  • Rationalizing applications
  • Transforming platforms
  • Simplifying processes

Creating Solutions

Innovative and creative solutions are what drive your company into the future. Let Quavo’s expert team of Technical Solution Consultants and Architects help you create a solution with expertise in the following design phases:

  • Scope definition/requirements gathering
  • Backlog creation
  • Pega DCO (Directly Capture Objectives)
  • UI/UX
  • Workflow
  • Class Structure
  • Framework
  • Integration (API, robotics, file feeds, etc…)
  • Infrastructure (Pega Cloud, on-premise)
  • Business Intelligence Reporting (BIX)

Implementing Software

Finding the right team to implement high quality software solutions is a difficult task. Quavo’s goal is to not only assist you with building the your solution, but setting you up for long term success. We provide the following resources and services to move your Pega BPM strategy forward:


  • Pega Certified Business Architects
  • Pega Certified Lead System Architects
  • Pega Certified Senior System Architects
  • Pega Certified System Architects
  • Resources can work from your office, or in efforts to reduce expense, from a Quavo Tech Hub.



  • End to end solution development
  • Creating a Pega Center of Excellence
  • Building your own cost effective Pega Development team by implementing a proven Jr. Developer model
  • Agile Development, including placement of entire Pega scrum teams

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