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Richard Jefferson

Chief Executive Officer

Richard Jefferson is Quavo’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO).  Rich’s passion is to create nextgen applications that offer exponential value.  Leading the global banking practice at Pega for 8 years, he was responsible for creating a suite of applications – from marketing to sales to onboarding to KYC to customer service to back office.  These applications allow for any customer journey to be digitized and executed seamlessly across all devices and touch points – for any type of financial institution.  Each customer journey is supported by a NBA (Next Best Action) application utilizing advanced analytics.  This allows for total personalization of each customer interaction externally, while driving industrialization of customer processes internally for scale and efficiency.


Joseph McLean

Chief Revenue Officer

Joseph is Quavo’s Chief Revenue Officer (CRO).  Joseph’s goal is to provide world class software solutions that meet the exact need of every customer. Joseph, and his team, thrive on being able to truly understand the needs of the customer and solve for those needs using Quavo’s innovative software solutions and service techniques. This all happens under a unique sales and marketing strategy that relies on getting to know the customer, digging into the customer’s individual situation and building long lasting relationships instead of a more traditional focus on sales goals. Joseph cares about and understands the customer, because Joseph has years of experience being the customer.


Daniel Penne

Chief Business Officer

Daniel is Quavo’s Chief Business Officer.  Daniel is responsible for all business management activities running smoothly. His main objective is to ensure that Quavo is operating as efficiently and effectively as possible while meeting all client needs.  He manages all aspects of the organization’s operations to meet established objectives for growth and profitability.  He supervises a number of aspects of Quavo including human resources, contracts, financials, administrative activities, and all corporate dealings.


Kevin Mayes

Chief Product Officer

Kevin is Quavo’s Chief Product Officer.  He is responsible for managing all existing client expectations, determining short and long term resource requirements, and directing team members in meeting client and company objectives.  He engages our clients to determine their needs and oversees the entire relationship from beginning to end.  He ensures that all technical and business requirements are met and that we provide all necessary customer support.


David Chmielewski

Chief Technology Officer

David is Quavo’s Chief Technology Officer. You will often find him “in the trenches” designing and developing innovative approaches to complex business problems through the use of technology and leading teams in the implementation of those solutions.  David possesses a unique ability to understand business needs while retaining deep expertise with technology and its capabilities.  His experience ranges from working with executives and enterprise level centers of excellence to developing/testing/deploying code, including bringing dying systems back to life and delivering with excellence from a blank slate.  His work is included in multiple patent filings and awards from Pega for innovation – all while working in highly regulated environments.

The Team


The founders have 23 years of combined experience creating, selling and implementing Pega based applications.

Quantum Core Team

This team is composed of, literally, the best of the best in Pega technical talent.  Included in this team is 44 years of combined Pega experience, most with LSA and SSA certifications.

Scrum Teams

Quavo has perfected a methodology that uses recent college graduates combined with application accelerators (Quantum Core) to create highly efficient and effective co-located application teams.  This is highly scalable and has proven to be 2 to 5 times more effective than offshore development structures.

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